about meh

I’m a klutz. No, I’m more than that; I’m flat out unlucky. No point in skirting around the subject, I suppose. Those closest to me constantly try to dissuade me from my claim, saying I’m just being over dramatic or crying for attention. My unluckiness is not a theory; nay, it is a fact that cannot be disproven.

Normally, I’d agree but even my mom will back me on this one. My flesh and blood (insert dramatic score for emphasized effect).

So this is my attempt at proving others wrong, that the world really does have some sort of vendetta against me. I am not looking for a pity party. In fact, I am relaying these stories and situations so others can laugh with me or at me, your choice. I am here for your comic relief. A de-stressifier, if you will.

I must say, though, my life isn’t just one abysmal black hole. I find joy in simple things. I love to bake. And eat….I especially like to eat what I bake (the little bit that actually makes it into the baking pan). I like coffee. A lot. There’s no doubt I’m addicted and it has absolutely no effect on me any more (thanks college).

If most of you are like me, you will read this page before any of my posts to get a sense of who I am. Whether that entails the first and last paragraphs is up to you, so I’ll try and make those the most interesting. If you have any funny stories that just need to be made public then tell me! They’ll be anonymous of course, if you as so desire. Stories, pictures, recipes, I’m an open book. I’ve come to terms with the amalgamation of things that happen to me, be it physical, emotional or psychological. I love to laugh. At myself. Not because it’s a defense mechanism, but because that’s all that’s left to do.


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