Ok, people, here’s the skinny on why I suddently dissapeared like toilet paper when you need it most.. It’s been over a month and I’ve got more stories than are appropo – all of which leaving me red-faced, belittled or just grossed out.

I’ve made the jump to the “Real World”. I put that in quotes because I think it’s an outrageous term. So what, my previous 21(ish) years have been pretend? Finals, internships, summer jobs including frozen yogurt maker and children clothes store slave were just frivolous, fluffy things of the past? Nah, I haven’t spent hours steaming about this term, why do you ask?

But I’m in the Big Apple now working as a bottom rung employee at a public relations agency. I’m still in the polite stage, trying to strike the balance between what is normal and what is “acceptable”. Once the first fart escapes me, I’ll know we’ve hit a personaly level.

Oh, the things to come….



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