O-lah, dude.

Taking Spanish this semester reminds me exactly why it’s not my major. It’s not just that it’s at 8am or 4 days a week, there’s just something that doesn’t quite click sometimes. That, and I enjoy creative writing in english more than thinking about which one of 73 tenses I need to use for a particular sentence.

I’m pretty sure I stare so long that I drool a little when people try and talk to me in Spanish outside of class.

Not that I’m a cum laude student or anything (seriously, I’m not.), but I’ve made Deans List the past couple semesters and I’m proud of it. Pageant-waved that title out the window. At this point, I just wanted to pass the damn class.

Slowly but surely, my grade has risen to “I know I’ll pass” instead of “Only the cool kids stay for summer school after graduation”.

On my most recent test, I got an 80. One can assume how poorly I was doing when my mom responds:

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S SO GREAT HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!”

Trying to shield the score and hideous red marks from the all-too-curious freshman breathing over my shoulder, she says, “Ugh, I got the same thing. I’m SO pissed.”

I hope my emotionless stare didn’t come across rude. Oh wait, yes i do.


2 thoughts on “O-lah, dude.

  1. Bueno muchacha… yep that’s all I’ve got 😉 Oh, wait… ¡Ayúdeme! So what if I use that in bars when I need rescuing from the latest creep chatting me up! xox

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