I consider myself an avid exerciser. Running, yoga and other miscellaneous classes that you would never admit to participating in are my way of releasing pent up energy. There are few things I like more than slapping on a pair of my Lululemon’s, a tank and getting my sweat on. Now, the fact that it’s still 60 degrees in Boston on November 14th, is just playing mind games with me.

Unfortunately, my workout regime has taken a backseat to my 3 jobs on top of my full course load. Who would’ve thunk, huh? Coffee is my best friend, sleep is the enemy and working out my long lost relative. Today, I rekindled that relationship with my 4th cousin once removed and went for a 6 mile run. The one condition I have is I need music. I’d prefer not to listen to my own panting. Can I get an AMEN?! I’ve got a kick ass playlist that includes the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and a plethora of Avicii, Guetta and and inspiring female powerhouses like Beyonce. I get a lot of my music from my dear friends website,

Since the sun sets at 3:45 these days, I was in a rush to get going; not because I don’t like running in the dark but because daylight dictates my eating schedule, and I’m all about the Blue Plate Special these days.

But I digress….I was in such a rush that I forgot my university ID. Usually that wouldn’t be a big deal, but tack that on to a forgotten apartment key and Ipod, and you’ve got yourself an epic An hour and a half run. No ipod. An exhausted, sweaty Sarah locked out and stranded in her apartment lobby for 15 minutes until some kind soul took pity and signed me in.

I don’t mean to sound like Whiney Whitney, but it sucked. Now, my good friend Christine over at Do Get Go suggested going a day without your ipod, which I am ALL FOR. Any chance to go sans technology is fantastical. But REALLY?! UGG (not like the shoe, just utter frustration.)

Thanks Monday, for solidifying your position as the worst day of the week.   


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