funky friday’s

Friday is funky. It’s either a hit or miss at work. Everyone’s either casually dressed and cracking jokes because the weeks work is done or slightly on edge in preparation for an event or a weekend game. I prefer the former, especially because pity is taken on the interns were usually let out early. Helloooo 5:00 Happy Hour (Boston Tweet has THE best recommendations. Follow him @Bostontweet)!

I was busier than usual this Friday because we were putting together a recap report for the big Barnum and Bailey Circus shows at the Garden earlier in October, WHEEEE! Screen grabs, press clippings, media impressions, tabs. After the 4th hour, my brain was turning into red and white glittery mush.

Luckily, I was relieved of my duties when one of my supervisors asked me to complete a timely task that the entire TD Garden staff was going to see. Now that’s what I’m talking about, time sensitive pressure!

                “Sarah, I’d like you to mail merge these letters, print them on our letterhead and neatly put them into their corresponding envelopes. Now, make sure you match the name on the letter to the address on the envelope.”

Ok, so I’m stuffing 130 letters, licking envelopes and my ability to read names is in question. Wait, can I go back to the whole, glittery-brain-mush thing? About 55 licked envelopes in, I’m on a roll. I haven’t swallowed in 20 minutes, my tongue is hanging like a guy watching Victoria Secret’s winter runway show  and my fingers are cracked from tri-folding letters when I hear, “Oh my god.” Tongue swollen and knocked out of my groove, I utter, “wha?” “Sarah, you know we have an envelope sealer, right?”

Right. I was purposely going for that ‘I-just-had-an-allergic-reaction-‘ look. Now if you excuse me….

While I be rehydrate my fingers and tongue for the next 72 hours.

You wouldn't want this haircut either...


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