a dash of pumpkin

The time: 6:45am

The place: casa de Sarah

My morning consists of two things: coffee and google reader. I get some freakish enjoyment watching the sunrise over the Boston skyline through my window, sippin’ on a fresh-brewed pot of Dunkin’ Turbo coffee spiked with my fat free coffee mate Hazelnut creamer and reading my RSS feed. So essentially what I’m telling you is that I’m a 75 year old trapped inside a 21 year old college student’s bod. One of life’s great mysteries is why I’m still single…

Boston sunrise

no but seriously, this is from my bedroom window.

It’s really quite nice, though. Often times, I’m getting up as my suite-mates stumble home from Thirsty Thursday, Ts Tuesday or some appropriately named day of the weekend that gives college students a reason to go out. Nothing like the savory smell of inebriated females making eggs and bacon to wake you up. It’s like my personal IHOP alarm….couldn’t hate it if I tried.

But I digress….I wanted to share this recipe that was fed to me on Boston.com this morning. From pumpkin beers to pastas to desserts, pumpkin is fall’s staple ingredient. For Thanksgiving this year, my mom, stepdad and I are celebrating in a bit of an unconventional manner. Since the extended family is unable to get together for one reason or another, we decided to do a tapas style Thanksgiving. I’m thinking Tapagiving, maybe? Eh, still working out the kinks.

Now I know I haven’t actually MADE this recipe yet, but my mouth is running like the Nile just busted through a 5,000 year old dam. Pumpkin Mac n’ Cheese? I’ve already named my food baby. His name shall be Carlos.

If you get a chance to make this before I do, I would love to see pictures and hear how it turned out.

Click on the yumminess for the entire recipe

click for recipe


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