Public Transport(hate)tion

It’s hard to get or be annoyed on Friday’s. As R. Kelly so eloquently put it, “It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby I’m about to have me some fun.” Or my personal favorite by the (un)forgettable DJ Class, “Cause it’s Friday night and I just got paid, I done and had a hard week, now it’s time to celebrate.” Someone break out the Tequilla shots! Ahem, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

After my bearable 8am Spanish class (due to my disgracefully passing test grade….I’ll drink to that), I board the T and hustle to work. I forgot my headphones today so unfortunately onlookers wouldn’t get to catch a Rihanna concert, courtesy of Sarah, but I was in a jovial mood so no matter. There was even a seat at the front. There were no visible cripples or elderly to bitch me out so I nabbed it. Poor decision. The larger than life woman next to me left me no choice but to sit one ass-cheeked for 9 stops. The asian man perpendicular to me, whos face was an curious mix of that puppy dog face daughters give their fathers when they want shopping money and melting wax that’s been in the sun too long, milked the fact that he had a cane. Due to some gravitational force that Newton couldn’t even explain, his knobby legs rested where mine should be, leaving me face-to-crotch with the homeless Boston Bruins fan blowing his nose in his crusty jacket sleeve.

Mmmmmm, nothing like the smell of week old urine to start your weekend.

Happy Friday to you all! May it be as scrumptious as mine hath been thus far.


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