After an exhausting day, how many times do you fall into a few hours of comatose-esque sleep? We’re talking 3 or 4 shots of nyquil deep. When your alarm goes off, you lose all sense of where you are, the date and time for a solid minute or two for no particular reason.

Thursday is the only day I get to sleep in until 8am. Hah, that reads even more pathetic than it sounds. My alarm is set for 7:55 to allow a 5 minute snooze, but my mellow phone alarm that sounds like crisis meltdown mode stirs me. I wasn’t havin it this morning. Discombobulated, I stumble out of bed, tripping  over displaced books looking for my phone. My arm was numb and was positive my hand had a case of elephantiasis from sleeping on it. Pillows are so pasé. Not to worry, the ironing board broke my fall. The phone is on my desk, where I always leave it, but my brain could not locate the source of that damn sound.

I’m looking at the phone from a birds eye view thinking, “just turn off the alarm, already.” I search the desk drawers and the surrounding area within a 5 foot radius, knowing full well it’s coming from my phone. That I’m still looking at. That I’m holding. With my elephantiasis-infected hand swinging like a reject.

Approximately 4 minutes later, my brain, arm and rest of my body decide to cooperate, leaving me 12 minutes to get to work. Today’s gonna be a good day.

Oh, and I wore flip flops. Todays forecast? 145% chance of rain with a possible chance of foot hypothermia.

overall feelings of this morning


2 thoughts on “discombobulated

  1. when I worked in NY I couldn’t understand how the girls your age wore flip flops in Ny in November. I guess you’ve become an East Coaster. Just know it’s 100 degrees out here today. Cooling to high 70’s by next week.

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