just another manic monday

Another case of the Mondays, eh? Not for those of us residing in one of the original 13 colonies of the blessed United States of Amur’ca. An original West Coaster (representin’), Columbus Day was one of those ambiguous holidays that you were sure if it counted or not. Sort of like National Hugging Day (January 21st, as if you didn’t know).

But going to college in Boston means a glorious 3 day weekend to get a jump start on upcoming assignments. Right. It’s a heinous crime if you spent an 80 degree weekend in October inside. So I frolicked with my friends, naturally – we ate, we shopped and we drank coffee a plenty from those trendy venti Starbucks cups. Utter bliss and perfection.

Then Monday came.

Another day off! Whee! Oh, I still have to report for my internship? Cool, yeah. No, yeah that’s fine. I shouldn’t complain, I love my internship. I work for the freakin’ Boston Bruins for gods sake. It could be worse. This morning though, I was convinced my alarm didn’t go off when actually, my body is clearly just in hibernation mode. I threw on whatever was next to my bed and hurried to catch the T. I looked acceptable. No better, no worse. Fine, I’ll live – it is Monday, after all. Everyone’s got this mutual understanding that the little things can slide because were all pissed we have to get though another 2 days until Hump Day and 4 until the weekend.

I make a bee line for the bathroom to slap on some mascara. I’m checking out my butt in the mirror when I see it. That thing. On my butt. We’re not talking grannypanty VPL, here. We’re talking FUSCIA g-string VPL. Oh, Christ. Didn’t bring a sweater and my skirt’s white. I could have painted my face like an Avatar and I still wouldn’t be able to distract people from staring at my ass. The copier and printer are at least 50 feet from my desk and the bathroom another 20. Perfect. Essentially, I’ll just go 8 hours without liquid and convince another intern to make copies “since you’re up.” It worked. Sort of. I still had to run errands. And pee. I just walked briskly with my hands behind my back.

So….just another case of the Mondays. Hopefully my face isn’t the same color as my underwear when I go back to work on Wednesday.


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